Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Under Pressure

It's been a busy week for me, and about to get busier. First off, it's been hotter than Hell all week thus far.

Monday there was a spectacular thunderstorm, something just short of a hurricane! It was something to see. Oh, my friend Bianca and her boyfriend DJ have come from Portland, Oregon, to stay for most of the month of June and sightsee around Maryland, DC, & Virginia. They arrived this past weekend. I've been busy during the weekdays this week, so I can't spend much time with them unfortunately. But we will have all weekend hopefully.
I also wish I could take the time to go visit Laura and Ian. We have kept in touch, and we always talk about hanging out, but I haven't yet (still) had the time to come to Richmond. Hopefully you guys can up here someday too! I also have two more job interviews, one tomorrow. Yes, as a friend said, finding a job IS a full-time job, especially in DC! I of course continue to work my other job, but I'm always searching for greener pastures... namely the greener pastures that offer 40K a year and benefits.

Yesterday I ran into my friend Joe, who I hadn't seen in some time. He was around Dupont to water Chris's plants while he's abroad in Costa Rica. So we started talking and he made the observation that I only seem to date older guys. Which brings me to..
I'm a Daddy's Boy
-or, Why Adam Only Dates Older Men
Hmmm. Actually the youngest guy I've dated was 25 (or 15, depending if you use actual years or maturity level). All the others have been in the 27-33 range. I just turned 24 this April. So it's not that great an age difference usually, but I've noticed there are great variations in maturity levels from 18-24 approximately. That is to say, an 18 year old fresh out of high school is not going to have a lot in common with me as a 24 year old, even though there's only 5-6 year age difference. Whereas with someone 5-6 years older than me, there would be less maturity-difference because we'd both have been in the "real world" so a significant amount of time.

(Anderson Cooper of CNN News, one of the sexier older men out there...)
So what I am saying is this: I have no problems having a fling with say, some shaggy-haired 19-year old boy. But when it comes to actually having a mature relationship, I need someone older, experienced, mature, financially and emotionally stable. Men are like wine...the more they mature the better they get!

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