Monday, June 13, 2005

Happy Pride!

Happy Gay Pride to all! This weekend in DC was the annual Capital Pride celebration. But let me back up first...

Friday I spent some time with Bianca and DJ (the friends visiting from Portland Oregon) to take a night tour of the Lincoln Memorial and other stuff around the Mall. It was DJ's first time in Washington, so it was special for him.
Saturday we went together to Dupont Circle for the Gay Pride Parade. The parade was fabulous, and I have a ton of pictures to post as soon as I find a website to host all my images (I'm a cheap ass and don't want to pay for my own domain!)

It was wonderful, and we met up with Margo and Fred and went to Georgetown to get some shopping done for Bianca. We then headed back to Dupont to meet with Ken and Bob (yes, BOB, "I remember when Bob and I..." that Bob) and we went as a group over to the Brickskeller for beer and dinner, and Raven joined us too.
The next day along with Bianca (DJ split off to go check out the Holocaust Museum) I went to the second part of pride weekend, the Capital Pride street festival, on Pennsylvania Ave. It was absolutely hot as hell, but it was great to see people. At one end there was a stage for various artists, and I managed to catch Deborah Cox's performance. You know, I've never been a big Deborah Cox fan at all, but I have to say, she gave a FIERCE live performance, and it was cool to be that close to her. Aside from the music, free stickers and beads, it was way too hot to really enjoy it. So we went to Adams Morgan for dinner with Ken, walked back to Dupont Circle as night fell and relaxed in the circle. Somehow by the end of the night I was exhausted from all the walking and heat.
Today I went to help Margo since she had to take her car to the dealership, so I offfered her a ride home. Only it seemed everywhere I tried to go there was some major accident or construction! Argh! I was an hour late picking her up, I felt so bad, but around here, what can you do?

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