Thursday, June 02, 2005

"Til a Landslide Brought Me Down..."

Well, maybe those of you up in the news recall yesterday in Laguna Beach, California, there was a huge landslide that brought down several houses.
Well, as it turns out, Jim has been in Orange County (The OC) visiting his family. It didn't occur to me until after I saw the evening news that, oh shit, Jim's family lives in Laguna Beach, and I hadn't heard from him in some time. So here I was thinking poor Jim was burried under mud and rubble, but alas, he is ok.
He contacted me and he is alright, the house is alright too (the landslide occured 2 blocks from him). That's California for you. Eathquakes, landslides, fires. I like DC a lot more...very little happens here, at least in the way of natural disasters. Man-made disasters are another story altogether.

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