Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Post Script

OK, there is a little issue I left out of my last post about my birthday weekend. And I created a post about it before that, then felt guilty for posting an angry heat-of-the-moment bitch session.
But I should note, since I know the right people read this blog, that my weekend was 99% perfect... there was ONE little issue that could've made it perfect.
Of course, I refused to let this one person's absence put a dent on my good mood or great time. But in the aftermath of the weekend, I feel this has got to be discussed.
I hate childishness in people, I try to only surroung myself with self-sufficient and mature goal-oriented adults. So when I was dating a 15 year old essentially trapped in a 25 year old body, who had very little sense of personal goals or responsibility, it shouldv'e been a red flag...ok this is already taking on the wrong tone. People wonder why I'm picky about people I get involved with, this is why. I typically date older men because I'm sick of meeting guys who are in their twenties who don't bother to move out of mommy's house, find a real job, and pursue some real life goals. Sure there ARE some self-sufficent adults in my age range, but they're usually taken. Small wonder why.
Well, it's true I'm the one who broke it off with a certain boy (I say boy instead of young man for a reason) but regardless I thought we were still going to be friends.
Then he calls me and informs me that despite months of knowing about my birthday and thinking about visiting, he wouldn't be able to come. A week beforehand, mind you. His car wouldn't work... so alright, be a big kid and get on a bus or train or plane. I'm sure someone can hold your hand and make sure you find your seat too.
Well, this person said he didn't have the money...but he somehow planned on going to Kings Dominion for Laura's birthday? And this doesn't cost just as much money??!!!
Ok, so that was a week before my birthday. As the week approached we talked again...
(incidently, the Kings Dominion trip didn't pan out either) and he had the FUCKING NERVE to say:
A) He didn't think he should come because of the situation and it would be awkward for him, given everything and being around my friends.
-Ok, this is a less-lame excuse. But then he said...
B) He had a gift for me, and I should come to Richmond to pick it up.

ARGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHARGHHHHDHU ufr pi irue vuas h heuh ^&#^$%&#(@)(!!!!!!!

That's how I felt as I calmy hung up... and threw the phone against the wall.

*Maybe he could've spent the present money on a ticket to DC instead, since his presence would have been more appreciated than any gift.
*Maybe he should've planned a little better financially.. for someone who had no money to visit me, it certainly seemed you were out spending money that weekend anyway. I do read you blog darling from time to time still...
*Maybe he should realize that if he wants to be counted among my friends, he has to be there when it's important. I've always been there for him in the past when it was important. Friendship is a two-way street.

I could almost say I hate him over all this. It's not just me being a selfish prima donna, this was ONE FUCKING TIME in the entire time I've known the boy he could've made the initiative to come visit me instead of being a passive little child and expecting me to be the adult and always visit him.

And aforementioned boy-man, if you're reading this... Take my birthday gift and shove it up your ass. If you think I am EVER coming to Richmond to visit you, you're dead wrong. If you think you wanna be my friend, you know how to get to DC. Rent a car, take a plane, take a train, take a bus, hitchhike, but for fucks sake GROW UP and take the initiative for once. If you don't reciprocate the visits, I don't see any reason why I should continue coming down there either. I'm throwing the ball in your court. Your move.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch. I hope things have calmed down, guy, and that bridges are mending somewhat.

In any case, happy birthday! Mine was the 13th. ::grin:: Tons of folks I know (and don't) seem to have their birthdays this week.

Anyway. Have a good weekend.

A Random Web Wanderer