Monday, April 18, 2005

Birthday Blowout Weekend

It's been such a great past weekend, so much has happened, so many good things I feel my luck is changing, good things are definately goin' on!

Well let's see. I have a potential job interview this week for a high-paying new job (I won't discuss it at any lenght yet so as not to jinx it), and I've had one of the best birthdays yet this weekend, thanks to all of my friends who helped make it special. (seriously, I know I don't get sappy very often, but you guys are great).

Friday since I planned on being very busy on Saturday (the 16th) which was my actual birthday, my parents took me out to dinner and we did the whole gift/cake thing. From my brothers I got some cool apartment stuff that I could use, and from my parents a new digital camera! This camera is the shit, it takes excellent pictures and movies, and it's smaller than my palm. I've been using it like crazy, pictures forthcoming...

Saturday, after getting my gift from Kurt (it seems we're trying to resolve our differences) I met my friends at Lauriol Plaza in Adams Morgan for dinner. Since it's one of the most popular restaurants in the city, it took an hour for our whole party to be seated, which was fine because we just hit up the bar. We got outdoor patio seating, which was fabulous because it was a beautiful evening, and the food was superb. I had this really good Spanish seafood dish, and a nice glass or two of sangria with it. We did the gift thing, and I was almost teary-eyed. Margo & Fred got me this awesome Cuisinart coffee/espresso maker/grinder in one, it's fabulous. Bob actually painted me a painting... he put a lot of effort into it and it's going to look really cool on my wall. Ken gave me a handmade leather journal, he even did his own little etching with a personalized message. The beautiful Stephanie, fabulous Haitian princess that she is, also was there for my dinner.
After dinner, we went to Raven's apartment in Dupont for a joint birthday party for the two us us (earlier that week we celebrated her actual b-day on Wednesday at Cafe Japone's kitschy little futuristic bar). Chris showed up with a bottle of wine for me (you know, I got like a million wine bottles this weekend.. are people trying to tell me something?) Ben was there, Kevin was there, and a bunch of other people I don't even remember. The drinking continued of course, well until around midnight when it was time to hit up the club. We went to Cobalt and I got pretty hammered and danced until the club shut down and we had to leave. I "met" (ok, I was dancing and sucking face with apparently) this very attractive guy... I don't really remember too much but my friends told me he was cute and they approved SO he's been calling me and trying to meet up for drinks and I probably will meet him at some point this week.
I got into bed around 7 a.m and trying not to puke, so when Jonathan called me at noon to remind me I was supposed to meet him and his boyfriend for Sunday brunch at Freddy's it was all I could do to roll out of bed and hurry my ass down there. I'm sure I looked like death warmed over as I drank coffee trying to recover. It was good to see Jonathan and Gordon, even if the food was shitty and the service was absolutely abysmal (never eat there!) After wards I went to Dupont Circle to sun myself and have coffee with people.
Monday I had coffee in the evening with Ted, Sophia, and Ken & Margo showed up and we ended up hanging out late as usual. I've been so tired from these past few days I need to de-tox and hibernate for a little while
And that's what's been new with me...

You are LaFawnduh. Why are you so sweaty?

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