Sunday, April 24, 2005

Kill Your Family... but first take off your shirt

Let's see... well first I feel I should apologize for that post below where MAYBE I went a bit far with the things I said, and maybe I regret writing it like I thought I would. But I also feel like I can't go back and delete it, because that's self-censorship and goes against the purpose of having a blog where one can rant. I don't know what to think anymore. I just realized today a certain person hasn't spoken to me since the birthday...I don't know which is sadder, the fact he's not talking to me, or that I'm only now noticing he didn't call. Shrug.
Anyway the week went by ok, except by midweek I got this nasty little infection or something in my sinus and lungs, so I tried cutting back on smoking which is such a pain in the ass. I know smoking is going to be the death of me, but damnit I like smoking. I have no intentions of quiting anytime soon. All my friends are smokers, so at least we'll all die together from it.
Friday I went first to see the new Amityville Horror movie with Margo, Ken, Fred, Stephanie (the Haitian girl), and some new guy she hooked up with Dominic. Notice I didn't even put a link to the movie site, I refuse to help them out in anyway. What a stupid fucking movie. It had maybe 5 seconds on real terror in it... the rest was just laughable. HOWEVER, that having been said, Ryan Reynolds at least made it interesting to watch.
My summary of the movie... The ghosts tell Ryan Reynolds to kill his family, but first he has to run around shirtless for an hour. The shirtless part was fine by me... it was the "horror" I went for and didn't see. Why can't there just be a "Ryan Reynolds Naked" movie. Just 2 hours of him looking hot. No plot, no dialog, just hot and sweaty Ryan Reynolds. Now THAT"S worth price of admission!

Maybe the Amityville spirits can tell him "Go sleep with Adam..."

Sigh. Moving along. And now for Adam's Horror Movies These Days Rant
It seems horror fils coming out in the last couple of years suck ass. They aren't scary. Why? Read on..

When the Blair Witch Project came out, it sparked a bunch of reality-style horror movies that just lacked the luster of the original concept. Now after The Ring came out a few years ago, it seems all the horror movies are following suit, this new Amittyville flick included. I'm sorry, but when I saw The Ring I admired it's pschologial horroe aspect, but when that stupid little girl came crawling out of the well, it wasn't scary, it was laughable. Now all the horror movies have supposedly looking "scary" ghosts and such that all resemble Samara from The Ring moving about real fast of creeping up behind you or coming out a TV set... it's not scary. It's hokey.
We need to get back to the psychological horrow of the classic horror movies... sometimes it's best when you don't see the monster. Sometimes it's best when you're left to use your imagination. Of course most people these days don't have attention spans to begin with.

Well Saturday Ken and I went back to Margo's where she was making Bailey's ice cream in her ice cream maker with real Bailey's. Fabulous idea! After a few drinks we headed to Austin Grill in Old Town Alexandria for dinner and more drinks. It was a cool place and very filling portions, I'd been craving spicy Mexican food for some reason. After dinner we decided to check out The Black Cat. It was really cold last night by the way. Anyway the club was ok, there was some punk show going on upstairs which we missed, and I ran into Sophia briefly in the red room. Actually I hear my ex goes there a lot, but thankfully I didn't run into him. So Ken downed some White Russians (which turn my stomach) and I got to scope out all the hot punk/indie rocker boys before going for coffee at Soho to finish up the evening. The drama is STILL continuing between Ken and Bob which I had a long discussion with about. And today I've done nothing but putz around (since I didn't get home until 5 this morning) and because it's cold and wet outside I've been acting like a bear cub in hibernation. It's going to a busy week full of surprises (dates, job interviews, parties) so I've gotten my beauty sleep in advance!

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