Monday, February 07, 2005

SuperBlow Sunday

Well, it's been an interesting week! Let's see, I will change format and go day by day...So that brings us to..

Tuesday February 1st.
Well it was hard getting sleep after (as you'll note in my previous post) my little caffeine overdose of Monday night. It was almost as bad as Jesse Spano's little caffeine freak out on the infamous episode of Saved By The Bell! "I'm so excited! I'm so excited..." Where was PJ to provide his Zack-like intervention? Anyway, after work that evening I went to Mr X.'s apartment on 17th St. (witholding names per usual) because for some reason I felt sorry for him and couln't say no when he asked me to help him fix his computer. Yes, I KNOW this is the same dirty old man who molested me while offering me a job, but this time he behaved himself for the most part and didn't grope me a-la-Schwarzenegger too much. Just overly freindly bear hugs. Then I hung out with Raven and Gayvid at Soho per usual until it was late.

Wednesday February 2nd
I went to Old Navy before work to use this giftcard Bob gave me for Christmas that's been collecting dust. I'm not much of an Old Navy person, but I found some cool stuff, even if I had to dig through a lot of crap. Literally,I mean, the store looked like th Indonesian tsunami hit it! Clothes were all over the place. I've never seen anything like it, very unprofessional. Also, it was Groundhog Day (he predicted six more weeks of winter...) as well as Candlemas (for Catholics) and Imbolc (for Wiccans). [isn't February a fun month!] I hung out after again as usual...guess where? Could it be Soho?

Thursday February 3rd
I went to Don's house in Columbia Heights on 10th St. to check out this house he has. He's offered me a room there so cheaper than what I'd pay for an apartment in the city. I'm still undecided. I mean sharing a group house (although it is a very beautiful and historic house) and Columbia Heights is a so-so neighborhood. So I'm undecided. at any rate it was snowing again, very beautiful to see the snow in the city.
I returned to Soho to hang out with Mike, and I also saw Patrick, who I haven't seen in ages. For those of you who don't know him, he's a former philosphy professor at Georgetown, and a very intersting man indeed to converse with. I always appreciate his words of wisdom. I also found out that Mike is debuting at Secrets next Tuesday night. I'm not passing any judgement, I have been known to visit gay strip clubs...and if he can make good money, more power to him!

Friday February 4th
Because a teacher at my school had surgery this week, I foolishly volunteered to substitute her classes for her. So since I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn on my so-called weekend, I refrained from partying Friday night. I had coffee (decaf) with Kurt and Rick, but Kurt went home early, leaving me and Rick to talk by ourselves. I'm getting to know him a lot better, he's a cool guy. Yeah that was about all I did! Always an adventure with me...

Saturday February 5th
I got to my class a little bit late because the fucking Red Line was running behind schedule due to track maintainance on the Metro (does anyone remember a time when the Red Line WASN'T having trouble?). But that class...which was 4 hours long (!) went by fast enough and I really liked the students and we had fun. After work, because it was such a nice spring-like day (in sharp contrast to earlier days) I went downtown and met up with Raven and Chris at...Soho. Raven brought along this Eritrean girl she met in Georgetown named Eden, who is a student at Georgetown. This girl officially wins the Lifetime Achievement Award for Worst Word Vomit Ever. Seriosuly, she seemed like a nice enough girl, but for two hours the bitch talked NON stop, I've never seen anything like it! After she finally had to leave we were all exhausted just listening to her and trying to keep up! I swear she needs a joint or a Xanax to slow her down! Seth also showed up that night, but I started feeling bad. I've had this weird persistant headache that has lasted all weekend, sometimes accompnanied by achiness. I hope it's not a brain tumor! (Just kidding, I shouldn't even joke about that!) SO I went home early and after watching Keeping Up Appearances and Are You Being Served? (I love British comedies) I went to bed.

Sunday February 6th
I got up hella-early and went to substitute teach again... Lo and behold that class had 20 students (I'm used to smaller groups) and was a level 1 beginner's class. Meaning they know NO English whatsoever. Meaning I had to rely on every bit of Spanish I could muster from the moldy corners of my mind.
It was a stressful day of teaching, but I got along great with the students, we had some fun conversations in Spanglish, and for our lunch break (it was another of those damn 4 hour class periods) we went over the Brazilian Market next door. God bless the Brazilians for their gift to the world, Guarana. In case you didn't know, this is the stuff that gives Red Bull it's kick. It's more potent than coffee...and they have a wonderful guarana soda that lifted my spirits...and probably my blood pressure but hey it got me through the day.
After work I went by Dupont on my way home and sat for a little while in the sun with Chris in the Circle, people watching and catching up, eating Brazilian cookies, and enjoying the sunshine. My whole body felt as if it was parched and thirsting for sunlight. But my head and body was still feeling funky so I went home. I wanted to see PJ this weekend, but with work, and this not feeling so hot, I just couldn't make the drive down to Richmond. Well, next week will be Valentine's Day!
Today was also SuperBlow, er Bowl Sunday. You know, I actually tried watching the game. Not because I actually like football, (though watching it does give me some Butch Points, right?) but rather for the cute guys in their uniforms. Ah, come on!

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