Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bears, Wine, Insanity

It's been a whole week since my last post, I guess I just like to save up until interesting stuff happens. Well, this is my week in review. Thursday night I didn't have to work as late as usual, so I went with my friends Raven and her boyfriend Kevin to see "Are We There Yet?" starring Ice Cube at the theater in Georgetown. Note, it was the coldest night of the year in the city thus far, like 3 degrees or something rediculous, and it sure felt more like Moscow than Washington. So in order to make the last show, we ran down 19th street and caught the Blue Bus before it rolled away and took it to M Street and made the show just in time. It wasn't the funniest movie I've ever seen, in fact the kids in it were damn fucking annoying, but ti was good to spend time with friends. We went to the Barnes & Noble afterwards, and then waited for the bus to take us back to Dupont. It was running late and it was freezing, so we said "fuck it" and walked all the way back to Soho cafe.
[sidenote, I have had WAY too much caffeine right now and am feeling totally cracked out! It's been along time since I had this much coffee and I'm am extremely jittery.]
Well Saturday I went down to Richmond to finally see PJ after not seeing him for the longest time, so I was really excited. I met PJ at his house and we went with his friend Chris to Panera for dinner. It was sleeting, but it wasn't too bad. Go figure, when I got back here, I found that it had snowed 2 inches! Go figure!
So afterwards me and Pj went to Laura's house since I always love seeing her, and we heard she's been sick so we wanted to say hello. Poor Laura! I hope she's doing ok! More on that later... so we hung out and watched "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which I found extremely intriguing, I'll have to rent it myself and watch it again. Because of the inclimate weather, Ian invited us to stay the night. I really appreciate it, Laura, by the way! Here's where things get interesting. I brought over a bottle of wine for us to enjoy (you know me and a good bottle of wine) and we didn't end up finishing it, so I put the rest in the fridge so Laura could have it later. Well, I come to find out that Ian finished it off and for laughs went to his car and blew in his breathalyzer (long story short- he has more DUIs than I have empty cigarette boxes, and had a breathalyzer in his car) and because of his little stunt he may have to go to jail. I of course feel horrible. I mean, I should've known better than to leave the bottle unwatched, what with an alcoholic in the house. God knows I have enough friends who are recovering alcolohics or drug addicts, and there are some things it's not kosher to do, like say, leave a temting substance in the house with them! But how was I to know he'd go and blow in his breathalyzer!? What an idiot! He's a sweet guy, but does he LIKE jail or something?! Anyways...
The next day me and PJ went to his work, and I got to meet his co-workers who were all very sweet. While we were there we made a teddy bear which we named "Christin...a" (to understand the inside joke go here) and wwe had a very nice dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille. The food was wonderful. Then we went back to Laura's, and i could totally tell her and Ian had been having some sort of argument before we showed up. I hope the bear made her feel a little better!! Unfortunately she seemed to get sicker that night, and I was afraid she'd have to go back to the hospital. Well, I also had to bring the car back to my family, so I had to drive back that night. It was hard saying goodbye to PJ. I like him alot...and we actually exchanged the imfamous "L word" and I don't mean lesbian. I think we crossed a threshhold last night. I can't tell the future, so I have no idea how things are going to go, but in the here-and-now I'm enjoying my time with him. We shall see where fate takes us. Of course I wished he was closer to DC, but then, I've also met some wonderful people in Richmond and made some new friends. (Contrary to popular belief around here, the world does not begin and end at the District of Columbia border!)
So that has been my week thus far. Now I'm just waiting for this jittery feeling to go away. And now a question that I'm sure is burning in all of our minds, if you were a deity, who would you be?

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miss_bitchy said...

honey - it wasn't YOUR fault Ian drank that wine - two words for you 'self control' - he needs to learn it - the bear did make me feel 100% better and I think I got sick again that night just because of the stress of the evening with him and I fighting - just sick of it ya know - loved seeing you and PJ this weekend - you guys are always welcome here - watch Eternal Sunshine again -you'll love it!!!

Love Ya