Monday, January 24, 2005

Ex and the City

Today was an interesting day. Got my paycheck from work, and went to Soho afterwards. I forgot that Monday night is so-called "Comedy Night" which is a comic joke in itself. I understand amateur comics need a place to go and practice. But really, these rejects are some of the most unfunny bastards I've ever met. And most of them are suburban straight guys trying to crack straight guy jokes in a predominantly gay/lesbian urban coffeehouse. I swear one day as a joke I'm going to go in there with a track of crickets chirping, and play next time the "comics" recieve an awkward silence. My friend "Gayvid"/David was already thrown out once for heckling the "comics." Hell, HE was the only thing that made it funny!!
SOOO, I split before the show started and walked around Dupont Circle. Washington, and Dupont in particular is incredibly beautiful in the snow...

I swear, even despite some of the downsides of DC, Autumn and snowy nights are what makes up for everything, and makes living in DC so magical sometimes. Yes, the snow blanklets everything, even the used condoms, needles, toothless bums, transvestite hookers, Dena, and the other ugly things and somehow everything becomes so fairy-tale like.

Anyway as I was passing through the Circle, my ex called me out of the blue. Despite my better judgment I picked up the phone and he asked me to come over to his apartment to talk. Maybe it was delirium brought on by hypothermia or something, but I did.

When I got there he showed the film project he’s been doing. He has this new job making productions for private parties and business meetings. I always knew he could do it, I have to say he is incredibly talented, and this is the foot-in-the-door experience he needs. I wish him the best (I do, despite things I’ve said in previous posts). He gave me a belated Christmas gift he says he’s been meaning to give me, but he doesn’t see me that much these days. It was some glass Christmas ornaments, and a bottle of cologne from L’Occitaine from Provence. Very sweet of him, actually. Of course, all I gave him this year was a card for the holidays, and even that was generous. I hope he honestly doesn’t expect anything in return.
I didn’t actually stay that long, and ended up leaving to return home. I have to say, he was on his best behaviour tonight. But I'm not letting my guard down. But before I end this, I just wanted to add this weird ass dream I had last night!

Weird ass dream- 01/24/05

I was in the afterlife, which in this case (or so I was informed in the dream) was the Underworld. Don’t ask me how or why, but that’s where I was. And it really wasn’t all that bad. It’s wasn’t like how’d you’d picture Heaven or Hell…it actually looked more like Brooklyn! Which, to some, may be either Heaven or Hell! Anyway this old chain-smoking woman (who looked suspiciously like Dena) was giving me the grand tour of the city and we wound up at this old high-rise where she showed me my apartment I would be living in. In the middle of the living room was this giant banana tree. The lady told me, “The first two bunches pay for your rent. Anything after that you can keep for yourself.” She left me in my new apartment, and first, I watered the tree. Then this couple from next door came over to welcome me to the building...and to the afterlife. Then, I woke up… weird huh! I wonder what it all means? I’m sure Freud would have a field day with this one.

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