Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Happy Mardi Gras / Carnival

Tuesday is Mardi Gras...I was wondering about all those beads I was seeing on people! Where's "Boys Gone Wild" when we need it?
Anyway yesterday I went to Soho's "comedy night" with Raven, Eden (The Word-Vomit Queen), and Gayvid. Zach and Colleen showed up, both of whom I haven't seen in ages, especially since Colleen and Tom broke up. More on Tom later. Anyway the show was actually decent for once.
Tonight after work I caught a late dinner with Tom, since we'd been planning to meet up and hang out for a long time now. I don't see him much, especially since he's been avoiding certain places in Dupont. So I walked up 18th St. and met him in Adams Morgan and we walked around talking. We went searchng through the shops for a new pipe Tom wanted. I love the fact that the stores sell these special pipes and water bongs "for tobacco purposes only." Please. We all know what they are for, and sure as hell don't look like something for smokin tobacco. Actually I saw one I wanted, maybe I'll go back and get it. He found a nice red one, and happy with the purchase we went down the street and had dinner at this French bistro called L'Enfant.

The food was good, I had chicken and mushrooms in a Gruyere sauce and quiche. After dinner we walked to nearby Tryst for coffee and smokes. There was a good jazz band playing, and we talked about Socialism (our common interest) and other stuff. It was a nice evening, and I always love seeing him. It was a deliciously Spring-like evening, and so nice to walk around at night. I've missed that.
Oh, and tonight outside of Soho I also had a confrontation with Dena!! She was crossing the street coming out of Legends (this Greek hole-in-the-wall "restaurant") and she saw me and flicked me off! Unfortunately as she was doing this and jaywalking, she didn't see the car speeding down the street and she almost got run over, jumping to the curb, flailing about. I, of course, started laughing hysterically and she was screaming something at me. I just pinched my nose (this has become the universal way to piss Dena off) and she walked off still screaming something at me. Fabulous.

Well, thats been my last two days. Hmmm, well now I think I should respond to a post on PJ's blog. He says, to paraphrase, that in the old movies people seemed to be more romantic, o rather, that romance is a dying art. Maybe this is true. I'm not sure. Personally I think "romance" seems to be dying because modern life is too...well, existentialist. People are just too post-modern to accept the cliches of romance. I mean, look at the divorce rates, look at the number of unhappy people. Modern life had given us so much, yet we find ourselves more alienated and unhappy that in any other period in history.
Now, I'm not going to be like the nimrod conservatives and say we should go back to some golden yesteryear when everything was better. It wasn't. And the romance depicted in the black-and-white movies is just that: Hollywood fantasies. I'd wager to say people were just as unhappy than as now. The only difference was people pretended and went through the motions. People just don't feel that need anymore. I know, I've been in a dying romance before. I think the way things are today, while perhaps less romantic, are if anything more honest. People can't live for another person, one has to care for one's self first. And then, true love, if the feelings are there, will follow. I'm a somewhat romantic person myself, but I've also been tempered by harsh realities. Romance is great, but define romance anyway. I like the idea of sweeping a guy off his feet, and being swept off in return. And I try, PJ, I do.

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