Thursday, February 10, 2005

Blog, Interrupted

Well it's funny. Yesterday, after finding out about what happened with Laura's blog, something similar happened to me.
Long story short... Laura's roommate read her blog, and wasn't too happy about her venting her stuff online for all to read. Well yesterday my ex calls me from his office. He too has somehow found out about my blog and is none too happy with the way he is portrayed. While I realize this is perfectly understandable to feel that way, this is MY blog and as my online diary it is my venue to vent my feelings. Yes, I realize dozens...dare I say more, people in DC and elsewhere read this blog. And I apologize if by mentioning him he felt hurt, but it's not like I'm making shit up. Just telling it from my perspective. Don't like it? Create your own counter-blog!
Ok seriously. I don't want to hurt anyone who doesn't deserve it. I suppose henceforth I will either not mention certain people in a negative fashion...or I will make up fake names to protect the allegedly innocent.

And now a cute picture to make everyone feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I'm going to bed.

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