Friday, November 05, 2004

Hey ho daddy-o! /Dealing with Urban Queer Egos

I'm feeling a little more resigned to fate today, a little less angry than I was before. So today let's talk about sex. That's always good for getting one's mind off of politics.
So last night while riding home from work on the Metro (DC's answer to a subway system) which was seriosuly delayed because of a terrible accident on Wednesday at the Woodley Park Station...wait. That was a run-on sentence. I should know better. Ok new sentence: So anyway, I was riding the Metro home and this really HOT guy in a Naval officer's uniform got on and sat across from me. He smiled at me in THAT way that makes ones "gaydar" go off the chart. So we played the eye-contact game for a good five minutes until he finally got off at his stop, and grinned at me going up the I went off into the dark tunnel with train. What was I thinking!? Why didn't I just get the balls to talk to the man. Of course, he could have started a conversation too. But still. My point, however, is this: The man had gunmetal gray hair. He was obviously old enough to really be my "daddy." And yet I was really turned on by him and it wasn't the uniform either. I've always had this thing for masculine, fit, older well, "daddy" types. Salt-n-pepper hair and gunmetal gray hair I find really hot for some reason. Am I the only one? And NO, unlike a lot of gold-digging twinks around here, I am not interested in being supported or playing "son." Far from it.
Let's take super-hottie news reporter Anderson Cooper (who is gay by the way...)
Yum... such piercing eyes too. And lets take another look at him just for fun. Oooh daddy!
Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me? Post your comments below.

Urban Snobbery: My Thoughts
And now for my other rant of the day. Last night while hanging out with some friends after work at Soho tea and coffee one of my friends (who as always shall remain nameless) introduced me to their new boyfriend. Well, ths guy was really cute, I have to give it to him. But his attitude stank. First, when he asked me and my other friend where we lived/what we did etc., my other friend responded that he lives in Arlington. At this, the boyfriend's lip curled, and he started talking about how he hates the suburbs, how he thinks Alrington is out "in the boonies."
Which it isn't! Hello dumbass, it's right across the river. But I bit my tongue because this guy was my friend's new boyfriend, even if he did insult my other friend. But that really got me thinking about the way so many ubran queers carry themselves.
A) First off, you KNOW half of you mutherfuckers grew up in some small ass town either in the Midwest or the South. You move to a big city so you don't get picked on as much, for example New York, DC, Philly, LA, etc. And then you have the nerve to turn around and insult fellow gays who don't choose to live in Glammatown like you do. This may come as a shock to you, but I've met plenty of great gay men and couples who live in suburbia...and are happy!
B) Now, Ive never big a big fan of suburbia or the rural areas myself...but after having lived in DC and having been surrounded by some of the rediculous pretentions of fellow gay men....I'm starting to reconsider. Why can't there be more down-to-earth non-materialistic gay men in the cities? Oh...that's right. They live in the "evil" suburbs.
I hate you so've got to learn to be
patient with people in life cause not
everybody's perfect. You may want to hate them,
but really...if you just give people a could learn not to hate so many

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