Friday, October 29, 2004

Shocking Exculisve: Cannibal Koi / "Is he the gay?"

Last week I reported that my fish had given birth to a school of fry (baby fish). Unfortunately I was not prepared for the grim and not-so-pretty side of nature. I watched in horror as (for some reason) one of my koi systematically ate fry after fry. When this started happeneing, I decided to fish them out and remove them to a separate fish bowl, since it was obviously unsafe in the aquarium with these deranged parents mistaking them for fishflakes.
On my way out of my room, however, to find something to scoop them out with, I got distracted by a telephone call and then some hot guy on a TV show... an hour later when I remembered about my young fish friends it was too late. I still love my original adult koi. I just wish they hadn't eaten their own offspring. Oh well, what would I have done with 20 koi anyway? Abandon them in the Dupont Circle fountain?
You're Nova Scotia. People have spread rumours
about you and you have suffered from
stereotyping. Few people take the time out to
get to know the real you. You hate labels. You
are patriotic and loyal.

What Canadian Province Are You?
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Well its been another work week finally over for Adam! Man, I love being lazy sometimes. By the way, you will notice I've lifted a famous line from one of Margaret Cho's stand-up comedy routines. I was in a Korean grocery store earlier today and this woman was talking to me. some of the things she said (or rather, the way she said them) reminded me so much of how Cho depicts her own Korean mother. "Is he THE GAAAY???"
Speaking of less-than-perfect english, check out It full of Asian poorly translated hilarity. See below...
Actually in the case of this shirt (which I want to own SOOO bad) I think it's rather the case of people using English because it just seems Western and therefore "cool," regardless of what the words actually mean. Having lived in South Korea (Seoul) for a brief period of time, I remember seeign LOTS of shirts like the one above. It was all I could do to cover my snickers riding on the subway, reading some of the absolutely rediculous shit people would wear. Note to those people: get a pocket translatore before you buy ANYTHING with Engrish, er, English on it.

You are Dena! Holy shit!

Are you like Dena?
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Well, I will write more later. I'm going to meet some friends out for coffee... until next time parting is such sweet sorrow.

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