Monday, November 01, 2004

How I Spent My Samhain Weekend...

Well, it's November 1st already (hard to believe given it's such a beautiful day). I'm kind of dissapointed actually. Somehow this was a fun weekend, but sort of anti-climactic in some ways, and definately funn of surprises. So where to begin...
Well, Saturday me and my friend Raven met at Soho and then went over to my friend Kiki's apartment (you can see her- and some other friends, via my myspace profile. )

Then we went to Chiaroscuro at The Edge. Th Edge is at 56 L St. SE, and in specific, Chiaroscuro is their Saturday night goth/industrial party. So of course I figured that Chiaro fell on the night before Halloween it had to be good. Right? Well not exactly. The place was pretty dead. Toward the end of the night things sort of picked up, but not quite the necromantic orgy I was hoping for...
Another incident that night was when Raven, fearing she may have another blood clot in her leg, had to be taken to the emergency room. So we drove her to GW Hopsital and fortunately her mom met us there so she could be with her. We were all really worried, but since there was nothing more we could do, we went back to the Edge. Fortunately for Raven, it turned out NOT to be a blood clot, and I'm so thankful she's doing well now. Girl, don't scare us like that again. Who else am I going to make fun of Dena with?
I hung out at Edge for a few more hours, met some pretty cool people. Then I split, visited a friend back in Dupont, strutted my ass around in my Catholic Schoolboy costume and went back to Kiki's apartment, then went back home. Well... the next day...


Was Halloween itself. And yet somehow it just didn't FEEL like Halloween as much. Maybe with all the partying going on the night before or something I juts felt weird. And I didnt see as many trick-or-treaters this year either. So I tried getting myself in the mood by carving a pumpkin and roasting the seeds in the oven. I know, how Martha Stewart-esque. Except I havent been to prison...yet. (By the way, for my seed recipe, mix garlic salt, onion powder, Worchestershire sauce and kosher salt with the seeds. Bake for like 15-20 mins at 350 degrees.) And I didnt get any pumpkins stolen or smashed like I did last year by some little ghetto hoodlums when I lived in Logan Circle. I watched the original Halloween movie which is probably the only slasher movie I really like. Lit some black candles, and got dressed in my oh-so-politcally-incorrect costume and met Raven again , went to Kramer's and met up with my friend Chris and we went up to Cobalt DC to their Halloween party. I entered the costume contest, didnt win with all the competetion, but hey, you wouldn't BELIEVE all the attention from guys I got because of my costume. Somehow, it seems, I had tapped into a pretty commen fetish... actually a lot of the guys that came on to me were telling me they themselves had once attended a Catholic private school. Anyway, I stayed a lot later than I actually felt like staying, but I had lots of fun. Unfortunately my new black dress shoes I decided to wear with the costume were not broken in yet (and I always have trouble if my shoes sren't broken in yet) so my feet were absolutely KILLING me. I didnt realize how bad my feet were until I got home and took my shoes off. By this point I literally could barely walk. My feet were bleeding, and I have several nasty blisters. I know, attractive. All of my readers with foot-fetishes just left the room to puke. So today before I got to work I am trying to stay off my very sore feel as much as possible. But it's worth walking like a cripple today to have looked good this weekend.

Well boys and girls, that was about it. Feel free to post any of your experiences in the comments section! And now for your daily quiz (I didn't forgetttttt....)
So, I apparently am in Goth Denial. be the judge.

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