Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I'm Outsourcing My Friends to India...

Yes, it's true. I'm going to outsource my friends and enemies to India. Maybe even potential boyfriends too. I mean really! I can get my drama in India at half what I pay here in the American market! It makes good business sense! Ok. So what is new?
Well, I've been watching more TV than usual...maybe its the colder nights with not much to do lately. (Oh, and having drama with certain friends too). I really have to say, as much as I hate television...I kinda like the shows "Six Feet Under" and "Oz." Somehow my blog posts always come to sexual fantasies...and quizes. So don't say you didn't see this one coming. Check it out while I go see what cute Mr. UPS man has for me at the door...
Yeah, you and everyone else. He's probably really good in bed, too. The catch is, he'll probably kill you after. Or during.
Chris Keller

Who's your OZ bitch?
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Hmmmmm. So what else? Well, this weekend I went to the Shenandoah Valley. Took a beautiful drive along Skyline Drive. All the leaves have changed to yellows and oranges and reds, so now is the best time to go. Visited some "quant" little country stores. Went to an apple orchard and picked my own apples. Fed some goats. Yes, it was a very rural day for yours truly, but just what I needed. Oh, and hit up a winery too. Can't remember the name, but there are dozens of little vineyards up in that area. I used to be kind of turned-off to Virginia wines because the ones I had up to this point all tasted like vinegar and piss. But I have to say I was pretty impressed with what I had this weekend.
Let's see... oh this is a belated entry, but my best friend Mira gave birth to Maxwell Dean Boyd in August, so now he is almost two months old!!! I feel like an uncle! Mira, if your reading this (what? people actually read this junk???) send me some pictures! I wish I could fly out to Texas and come visit, but alas, work, money and all the other eveils of the Industrial world we live in keep me in DC for now.
My pet fish (Koi) had babies recently....20 of them. What the hell and I going to do with 20 koi?? Do you realize how big they get! So consider this a post to advertise free baby koi to anyone who is interested! Again, I have 20 of them.
Only 5 more days until Halloween!!!

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