Saturday, September 11, 2004

As For Today...

First off, I ought to just change this blog's name to "Adam's World of Quizzes." That's all I seem to put on here these days, but hey they are easier than actually thinking. Now, what I want to know is why eveytime I take a quize it says I am somwhow a pimp? Observe....
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And now for a slightly more serious topic... I was engaged in an e-mail discussion with someone about what obviously today is the anniversary of. (I'm so sick of hearing the phrase I won't even say it) So here is both her and my own feelings...

The first e-mail:

I keep hearing the faulty claim from this administration that we are safer than we were 3 years ago, due to "pre-emtive war".  But it's faulty logic, because we're not.  When w shifted the focus from Afganistan to Iraq, he lost sight of the goal, squandered our treasury and squandered the lives of our military people.  We would not have the problems of Abu-Ghraib if w had kept his eye on the ball.  We would not have over 10,000 wounded soldiers.  We would not have very diminished influence in the world.
I agreed that we should strike back against UBL and the Taliban in Afganistan, as we were directly attacked, we knew who did it, and we knew where they were.  He let UBL escape.  Ask yourself why.  The answer may have alot to do with family connections, business connections and the second biggest power grab in 20 years.
The company I work for used to be involved in alot of superfund cleanup projects.  Superfund is bankrupt now, because the republican contolled congress refuses to fund it.  How is it funded?  By the usual allocations but mainly it was funded by fines from corporate polluters.  Now under w (who says he believes in personal responsibility/ownership society) corporations that pollute our country are allowed to walk away from their damage, reform new companies and go right on.  Who picks up the tab for pollution?  You guessed it, me and you, and your children.  The funds used for environmental enforcement are also being used for this wasteful folly in Iraq.  For those old enough to remember the domino theory, was it proved to be valid?  History says NO!
The fearmongers claim that UBL may strike before the election, which for most of our country's sheep, means keeping the current regieme in power.  w would love to let another attack happen, what does he have to loose?  what americans would wake up?
Let's remember who went on vacation in 2001 when WE KNEW a huge attack was coming.  Remember who ignored the previous administrations info and warnings because it was info from 'the oppostion'.  Courtesy of Sat. night live- yes, w's on the job 24/7....24 hours a week, 7 months out of the year.  Let's remember who is trying to inject their own personal religious beliefs into every aspect of our lives.

My response:

   Thanks for that opinion piece, and since today is Sept 11th, I can
honestly reply I do not feel any safer than I did 3 years ago. And I think
that's the whole idea.
   As you mentioned, fear is only helping Fuhrer Bush. Perhaps one could say
the attacks 3 years ago were the best thing to happen to the Right in this
country in years. And, naturally, they have milked it for every drop it's
worth in furthering their own agenda. It's very likely eyes were set on
invading Iraq before the towers fell.
   Unfortunately, were something to conveniently occur before the election,
what would happen here won't be what happened in Spain. In Spain, if you
remember, the vote caused the people to turn on their incumbent (already
unpopular for supporting Bush's war) and elect a new government. In America,
I fear, the opposite would occur. Using "patriotism" and other forms of
suppressing dissent, middle-America will continue to just wave their flags
and support this ill-conceived war and terrible foreign policies.
   In short, don't be surprised if things get "code red" on election day.

Ok, so I just wante dto post that. And your feelings. Fuck off and get your own blog! I'm serious. I'm so sick to death of people getting on their soapbox to discuss their ignorant opinions. I don't care, just like I am sure no one really cares what I rant about. But hey, that's why the blog was created in the first place, right?

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