Monday, March 01, 2010

Stories to Tell

March is here, and things are getting a little warmer, which gives hope for spring, though honestly I would not be opposed to a little more snow! Having snows days off work is worth it in itself.

I was thinking at some point tonight that when I move I really will miss DC on some level. I was reflecting on some good times I've had over the years. Even some of the crazy things which, while not fun at the time, I can look back on and laugh a little at. The point is, I've lived to tell the tales.

Sometimes I've thought about writing a novel about my time here. I'd have enough raw material to fill up volumes, all the crazy situations, people etc. But I wouldn't even know where to begin! It's nice having that feeling of communion with the city though - I've been privileged to see some of her secrets, and enjoy some very good times through these formative years of my twenties.

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