Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekends Are Too Short

You know?! But I had a great time; Watched the debates Friday night at a neighbors - I think we all felt pretty unanimously that the Obamassiah got his ass handed to him by McCain, which was very distressing indeed. Especially since Obama is usually such a good orator. It seemed to me he just let McSame walk all over him. Before I thought Obama could drink baby's blood and still win the election - it should be a shoe-in. Now I'm getting a little worried...

So it was too rainy to do anything else (I got soaked earlier in the day at the grocery store, not fun) so I stayed in. Saturday evening I went with Sean to his friends Walt and Scott's house in Vienna (near Fairfax) for a party. I got to meet some of Sean's other friends and colleagues I rarely get to meet, so I love being a part of his life more and more. The party was very nice and Walt & Scott have a very beautiful house.

Sunday we slept in and went to brunch at Lauriol Plaza (hadn't been there in a while - and shocker I actually ordered something besides my usual "enchilladas de mariscos!") we went to Old Town Alexandria to look at the art at the Torpedo Factory by the river, there was some weird historical bloat thing, got ice cream, tried to stay out of the rain. I love that part of town, it's very romantic. That night we went to see "Choke" with Margo, Fred, & Crystal. (F, I thought you were coming too?) at the E Street Cinema. I liked it. It's based on the novel by Chuck Palahniuk - and while I haven't read that particular book, I had an idea of the absurdity to expect. It's a dark comedy I recommend seeing.

Oh, and hat-tip to Crystal for forwarding this to me: "The many loves of Anderson Cooper." All of it lies of course. It's all just a smokescreen so the public won't learn about our drive-thru wedding in Niagara Falls.

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I'm a terrible friend. I completely zonked out of my mind and fell asleep early. I had every intention on joining. Sorry!! :(