Friday, September 26, 2008

FridAAy Musings

Here's a potpourri of stories, since I have nothing today, besides a pAArty at a neighbors house to watch the presidential candidate debate (yes, you read that correctly). I guess that shit is on again now that Dubya pumped $700 of our taxes to boost the economy. Whatevs.

Patrick Dempsey (AKA McDreamy) likes spanking. Oh the visions in my mind...

Redskins player Chris Cooley, the team's tight-end (oh, I'll bet he is...) accidentally posted a picture of his dick on his blog. Haven't we all done that? Cough, I mean, except me. Anyway the guy is pretty hawt, so I was all excited until I actually saw it (NSFW - not safe for work!). Why couldn't it have been Tom Brady instead?

Britney has a new album coming soon? The Blue Dog Speaks, please advise!

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