Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Juno from Juneau

Whilst away, I really tried actively to avoid anything remotely politics-related, but I was itching to comment on the whole Palin's daughter knocked up thing. It's old news now, I'm sure, but I was thinking the whole thing is so typical of how most of the time the Democrats just don't have the balls to call people out on their shit. Let's face it; if it was Obama or Biden's daughter who was pregnant, the right would be all over it, shaking their heads about America's supposed "moral decay" and so forth. Now we have the very daughter of one of these "abstinence-only" anti-choice foolios who's pregnant at 17, and the Republicans have spun the story such the Dems can't (or rather, won't) call them out on their hypocrisy.

Now, that having been said, here is the photo of the young man, Levi Johnston, who got Palin's daughter pregnant. I was also thinking, god it's a good thing I wasn't born female, because you know I would have gotten knocked up by some douchey jock too! I'd totally have his babies:

I'm just sayin!

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