Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Greetings from Nigeria!

This is some of the funniest shiz I've heard in a long time. Now, you've all seen what's called the Nigerian Scam - you know, those junk emails that are from some dying person, usually in an African country, and they want to send you money before they die, but you have to send them some first, or supply your bank info etc.

So on NPR (I haven't found the link to the story yet) they interviewed this guy who turned the tables on one unsuspecting scammer. Little by little he won the con-artist's confidence over via email and phone, and tricked him into going along with a scheme. Basically he had the guy fly to war-torn Chad wearing a pink sash and was told to hold a sign at baggage claim (that unbeknownst to him insulted Islam). The guy got attacked by a mob, wound up sleeping in the desert and begging for money. There's a whole website of pranks pulled on these scammers, usually featuring them in embarrassing poses due to their poor English:

Only someone with my sick sense of humor would find that funny. By the way, I am living in Nigeria and am on my deathbed... I would love to leave my fortune to you but first I need your bank account numbers... ; )

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