Friday, May 02, 2008

Your Weekend Update

What a week it’s been. I realized I’ve been out pretty much every night since last Thursday. If I go out tonight, that will make one week straight! I went with some friends to karaoke on Sunday, sHOwtunes on Monday with F & P (where I ran into ex “S” again…of course I ran into him at that place. At least coAAt check wasn’t open!). I’m actually going to “S’s” birthday party next week.

Tuesday night was Fernando’s birthday; we had food and cocktails at Russia House AKA Pусский дом (I love that place) followed by drinks at Cobalt.

Wednesday I spent with Sean. Last night I went with a bunch of friends to the Brickskellar – I forgot how much I like that place, in that it is what it is – a dive bar with dirty smoke-reeking carpet, but with more beers than one can imagine.

Let’s see…tonight there’s a special work-related dinner I am dragging Sean to. Poor Sean, I feel like he gets tagged along to all my events, but I really love his support in just being there for me.

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