Monday, April 28, 2008

Another Day Another Drama

This weekend friends and I celebrated Fernando’s birthday weekend (it’s technically tomorrow – Happy Birthday Fernando). Let’s see... Friday after work I went out with friends and ran into an ex that I get along with. He tagged along and came with us to a few places. It was weird, holding hands and laughing, walking down the sidewalk together and such. No before you think anything, nothing happened. It was just nice to be able to have that friendship with someone (“S” never pAArtied all the time like “P”). He’s looking really good these days, and it's really cool that we can be friends. I am very much in love with Sean.

Saturday I used my tagine for the first time, I made a wonderful Morroccan chicken dish with olives, apricots, spices… it was VERY good, I will post the recipe soon! Sean came over for dinner after work and I about fainted when I opened the door.

He buzzed his hair without telling me! It’s grown on me, it’s just hard to look at him as I’ve never seen his hair so short! But I have to say it suits him.

We went out to celebrate Fernando’s birthday at Alero and Town, which was a lot of fun (So many April birthdays!). Perez Hilton was apparently in DC, but it seems we avoided the paparazzi this time. I was secretly hoping to run into him, though… By the way, have you all seen the advertisements for Cobalt's attempt to compete, I suppose, with Town called "Flight 1639." Ha! Sounds like that flight is doomed before takeoff - if Town is first-class British Airways, this party sounds like economy Southwest. haha.

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