Friday, May 09, 2008

"I am NOT one of your fans!!!!"

I haven't updated all week - I've been tired after work it seem lately. Last night I ventured out with F & P to Daddy-Complex Duplex Diner, which is always packed on a Thursday. It's filled with all sorts of self-involved "Power Gays" (note the quotation marks) but I figure it is a good place to meet hot older men if you're looking. And I swear, it's hilarious coincidence, but when we got there the TV screens over the bar blared warnings about tornadoes and severe thunderstorms! LOL, get the "witches" together and that's what happens! Of course, how dare the weather interrupt Grey's Anatomy that was playing! I have to see Dr. McDreamy!
Despite the thunderstorm (the lighting was pretty) we ventured to Omega and Apex too, I'm feeling a bit sluggish today naturally.

I have tickets for two tonight to the Nationals (they're playing the Marlins). I was excited about seeing the new stadium, but I guess it'll be canceled due to the weather today. As a back-up, I also was invited to my ex "S"'s birthday party in Chinatown, so I said I would probably go to that too. I love birthdAAys!

And this Sunday is Mother's Day - which means (aside from sending flowers to my mom) that it's time for the annual Mommy Dearest Mother's Day! It's been a tradition for 3 or 4 years now (?) to watch Mommy Dearest and other bitchy movies, drink, eat, drink!

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