Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tales from the City

Hmmm... what's been happening? The oppressive heat has finally broke, I spent a nice afternoon today in Dupont Circle writing (until me laptop's juice gave out) until Stephen met me and we walked to Georgetown and had ice cream.
Wednesday night, (19th) I went with Stephen to Cobalt... you know, it's been weird. I can say this because I don't think he reads this, but he went from one extreme to the other. I went from feeling we didn't spend enough time around eachother to perhaps the other extreme. Though I think it's balancing out now, which is a good thing. Friday night after work I went to happy hour with co-workers, Stephen, and Fernando. It was one of those "happy hours" that turns into happy six hours. Fox and Hounds, Local 16, JR's (yes, I went in the Funeral Parlour, but only b/c of Fernando). Going to places like Fox and Hounds and Local 16 reminds me why I'm gay. No offense to my straight readers! I just mean that some straight bars can be so... tawdry. And can some one tell me why they can't hire servers at F&H that ISN'T a fucktard. I've never had a decent waiter there.
Last night was Ken's birthday. There were lots of Long Island Iced Teas involved. You know, when we were at Ken's apartment at the Seminary Tower, I realized that a) I will miss the wonderful view and b) that building has a weird thing with me. Ken lives in it, Phil used to live in it, and last fall when I was dating Shea before I started dating Phil, he was living there too. Maybe it's all coincidence. Maybe not...

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