Monday, April 03, 2006

Spring Chicken!

The warm(er) weather is finally here! My recap of the week: Wednesday I went with Fernando and some friends of his to Meskerem in Adams Morgan. I'm normally not totally big on Ethiopian cusine, but this place is awesome! Everybody liked everything! And I love how Ethiopian food is so communal and shared. Afterwards I went out for drinks. I like random Wednesdays.
HALO - Thursday, I met Margo, Fred, and Fernando for drinks at Halo (1435 P St. NW). I know I keep doing plugs for Halo, but I can't express how happy I am to have a classier bar East of Dupont Circle. If you haven't gone here, do so. It's smoke-free, amazing drinks. So anyway, everytime I go I keep discovering new and inovative drinks you can't find at other places. Among my new favorites: the mango-tini, Hypnotiq Breeze, raspberry mojitos, the "angel fruit" martini.
Anyway after drinks we had dinner at Dakota Cowgirl, which I like better than it's previous incarnation, Hamburger Mary's.
Friday I had a date with this really wonderful guy. He, having run a company that restores historic houses, has a fascinating knowledge of architecture, on top of being an all-round sweet and intelligent guy. We had dinner and drinks at Rosemary's Thyme...
The next morning after a wonderful night we had breakfast at Cosi before going our separate ways... I had a date with Tai-Shan the panda.

Damn him for being so cute! Margo, Fred, and myself were able to catch him outside at play with his mother. I love the zoo, and being so close to it. Went shopping afterwards at Pentagon Row, got some cute new sandals, had lunch at Thaiphoon.
Sunday I sunned in the Circle, and went on a goose-chase of tattoo parlours, as Fernando was looking to get his nips re-pierced. Renting a Mini Cooper from Zipcar, we went to a party in Takoma Park, saw a friend of his who's a great singer perform

Can someone tell me, though, what's up with all the lesbians living in Takoma Park?

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