Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Give Me My Change!

Well... that video was on my Myspace profile for a while, but it still brings a nasty smile to my face, so I'm posting it here.
Let's see, what else is new. I think Halo is our new favorite bar; everyone always has a good time there, and the guys are so pretty. Even the older guys are somehow more, how shall I say, more polished. I like older guys, but I demand a certain level of sophistication.
Sunday I went to the Cherry Blossom Festival, and was a bit dissapointed by the lack of actual blossoms. I'm sure the weird weather has something to do with it; hopefully next week will be better. One thing I learned, tourists are still just as annoying as ever. Ugh.
Went shopping with Margo, got a steal (literally: the woman didn't ring up one of my items) er, bargain let's say. Found perfect parking all day, had coffee at Carobou Coffee. Last night went to Thai Chef in Dupont. I had an awesome dish I'd never tried before, some shrip and noodle thing baked in a clay pot. Afterwards my friend and I went to the Leather Rack, because a boy can never have too many supplies. And then I went to Kramer's Books because I wanted to pick up a book I saw in the Post's book review on Sunday, called "Enrique's Journey." I'm only 40 pages into it, but it's extremely well-written and intriguing.

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