Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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I'll keep this post brief:

First, Saturday was Fred's birthday! Happy Birthday, Fred... or belated birthday... At any rate Phil and I went to have dinner with him, Margo, Manish, etc. at this sushi place in Foggy Bottom called Kaz Sushi Bistro. It was exceptionally good.. I highly reccomend it.

Speaking of restaurants I should reccomend, Phil and I also last Thursday finally ate at Churreria Madrid. It desevres it's own "review" later, but if you eat at one restaurant in the District this month, visit this place! It's absolutely amazing (and reasonably priced too). It's the best (if not only) authentic Spanish (as in Spain, people, not Mexican!!) restaurant in this city.

I am off to New York this Friday. Long story short I was offered the chance to go on a business trip to Portland, Oregon for a stupid conference. I've been to plenty of silly meetings etc. all the time that no one else in my office wanted to go on, so I was in the position to say no this time around (not that I mind getting paid to NOT be in the office, I usually jump at the chance for a trip). If I go to Portland it's going to be for fun, not some boring conference. And I already planned to go to NYC anyway, which brings me to this point. I'm always looking for more apartment things (kitchen, living room etc)... any places reccomended. I know the usual stores I can find in Manhattan, but if anyone has some not-well-known little place they'd like to reccomend to me, please do!

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