Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well, in the life of Adam today, I am officially signing the lease on the new apartment in Adams Morgan today. I'm moving the first week of November, and I'm registered at Macy's for housewarming gifts (just kidding on that last part!)

So much has been happening lately I don't know where to begin. I have been on several dates, which can be fun. I find myself seeing lots of good qualities as well as not-so-great qualities about the guys I meet. Of course, we're all human, but I'm not sure my knight in shining armor has come galloping up the street yet either.

Oh, and I;d also like to add I went to this really great Indian restaurant last night with Nick, called Jyoti. The food was wonderful, great portions, outdoor patio seating. I think this is my new favorite Indian restaurant in DC, minus the one on Penn. Ave that has hookahs to smoke.

PS (10/19/05) If you have time, check out the hour-long internet radio show of This American Life" In specific, in this episode the producers spend 24 hours in an all-night diner in Chicago, and interact with the staff and patrons. You really get a broad spectrum of the American experience, I found it fascinating. And specifically listen to around the tenth minute in the program dealing with this old woman who smokes and drinks coffee, it's too funny.

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