Thursday, October 20, 2005

"I think I'm Turning Japanese..."

Well, I have been on a shopping binge as of late. I really need new stuff, and getting rid of old stuff. This time around I am going for a sort of modern Japanese/Zen theme, especially for dining room and kitchen. All over I want a sort of Asian minimalism to prevail.

SO, to that end, can any Washingtonians reccomend a place I should turn for shopping? I have seen some interesting things I might want in Chinatown over on 7th Street, and there's Ginzo in Dupont Circle. But if you have any local or on-line ideas, let me know!


Anonymous said...

Ask Steve/Storyteller he's into that Japanese, Zen, anime stuff. He'll hook you up.

Washington Cube said...

Arise in Takoma Park