Friday, September 16, 2005

Serendipitous Treasures

Well today has been a very productive day. While walking down F Street looking for the one of DC's nicest liquor stores, I stumbled across the DC Library's 3rd Annual Fall Book Sale.
I went in expecting very little, but came out with a box full of treasures (those close to me will know my fondness for collecting old books). Among some of my finds today were:

"The French Chef Cookbook" -Julia Child (which has a killer Coq au Vin recipe)

"The Hobbit" - J.R.R. Tolkein

"A Year in Provence" - Peter Mayle

As well as many old vinyl records, which I also like to collect. I was very happy with this discovery, and you should know that it will be going on tomorrow as well (Saturday 17th) 10AM until 3PM, at the MLK Public Library, 901 G Street NW. (On the corner of G&9th Streets). Proceeds go to fund the District of Columbia Public Libraries.

Then I made it to the Central Liquors, which is run by very friendly and knowledgable Armenians. At one's insistence I decided to pick up a bottle of Armenian pomegranate wine. I also picked up a bottle of Calvados, one of my favorite drinks, since it seems to be near-impossible to find sometimes at other liquor stores.

Had a good meal at City Lights of China. Good food, but has anyone else noticed the once impeccable service has really gone down. I'm seriously thinking of not eating there again, which is a shame.

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