Monday, May 23, 2005

Weekend Updates

Since my last post, it's been a busy week. I left off at Wednesday afternoon after drinks at JR's. I met up with Ken and Margo and we went to Speghetti Garden in Adams Morgan.
Saturday I went with Margo & Fred to see the new Star Wars movie, Episode III Revenge of the Sith. I have to say, I wasn't too crazy about the first two prequels, but this one was pretty good. Of course, it was fun to see that whiney ass Hayden Christiansen finally turn evil. He's hot when he's all angry.
Afterwards we went to Austin Grill for lunch. It was a busy day. Unfortunately Aja's birthday party got cancelled, but it was Jayme's graduation party that day as well. Congratulations on your graduation from George Mason University, Jayme!! And unlike last time, there were no embarrasing incidents (It's funny how fast that story travelled).

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