Wednesday, May 25, 2005

SOhO...The Movie!!

SOhO - Episode I Revenge of the Fabulous
A long five minutes ago, in a DC neighborhood not too far away...
There is a certain cafe known for its bohemian atmosphere,
and oddball characters. It is just begging for a documentary to be made about it.
Between drunken twinks, psycho bums, Dena, and Gayvid dressing up, our story leaves off
as we find our heroes, Adam & Seth, filming their documentary about
the denizens of this Dupont Circle institution...

Well, yesterday my friend Seth brought his video camera down to SOhO cafe, and we began interviewing characters and regulars for our documentary about the place. This is already turning out to be very exciting!!! As our work progresses, I will keep you all up to date. Who knows...this may be airing at a film festival near you.

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fewbetween said...

Bring back Dena (sp)!! I want to meet her.