Sunday, May 08, 2005

I <3 to rant

Random thoughts that occurred to me this weekend...

The Heart Rant

I'm not sure exactly where this horrible trend got started, but lately instead of saying "I Love..." for example "I Love You", people have been saying "I heart you" using the word heart where the heart symbol <3 is. The examples are too many to count here, like the movie "I <3 Huckabees" which apparently is pronounced "I heart Huckabees."

Stop people. It's not cute, and it wasn't when this trend began. Now it's just fucking annoying. Next time someone in public says "Adam, I heart you" I'm going to rip their beating heart out of their chest and say "I heart you too."
Let's officially lay to rest "heart" in the Trend Graveyard, ok? It's a bad trend from 2004 that should not survive into 2005. It has gone the way of stone-washed jeans, braided belts, Pearl Jam, and the phrase "don't go there."

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Kiki said...

Buahahahaha I totally agree! And I hate people who spell 'love' "lub". What the fuck is a lub?