Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Adam's Electric Koolaid Sleeping Pill Test

First, a promotional plug for "Michele Rochambeau's" blog, Few and Far Between. A wodnerful gentleman I'v had the pleasure of sharing many an enlightening conversation at Soho. What a magical place Soho can be...philosophers, hustlers, college kids, gays, lesbians, yuppies, hippies, indie rockers, writers, artists... all forms of life. And I wouldn't want it any other way.
I had another job interview today! (with a considerably nicer pay offer) so wish me luck!
In other news I ran into Aaron the other day on the street with Steve/Storyteller. (those who were part of that Dupont "circle" of friends will remember him and Chelsea). he's living in Pennsylvania now, but plans on coming around to visit more often.
Oh, and word has it the fabulous Dena will be moving to West Virginia soon. Now that's a change of pace! From Dupont Circle's resident fag-hag to West Virginia?? In a way I'll be sad to see her go, it'll be the end of a fabulous era. And I won't be able to make fun of her anymore.
I'm on my laptop now killing time before I am to meet some friends at JR's at 6:00 for drinks. I normally detest JR's, but Jonathan insists on going there...I don't plan on staying long. Ken and Margo are also coming down later too..

Which brings me to my little "trip."

Yesterday, knowing I had to get up early for my interview, I always get nervous the night before and can't sleep. SO I visited a certain friend to get a sleeping aid pill to help me get a full night's rest without tossing and turning. WELL, I don't know what the hell was in the pill or what, but within 30 mins of taking it I swear I started tripping..
I was watching Conan O'Brien as I always do before drifting off to bed, and I swear Conan came out of the TV! Not exactly what I look forward too when I hallucinate but whatever... my whole room started changing, I mean shit started moving, a pile of clothes came alive, my bed started to feel like it was floating... The odd thing was I wasn't freaking was very pleasant actually. Except I kept thinking to myself, "this shit BETTER wear off before I wake up for my interview! This is the last thing I need right now!!"
I eventually did drift into sleep..and had some of the weirdest dreams I've had in ages. But, as my friend said, I woke up full of energy and alertness. All I can say is when I see this person, I want to know what the hell it was they gave me. I don't like being given hallucinogens without knowing ahead of time what I'm getting into.
I guess the moral of today, then, is don't take strange pills, even from friends.

Post Script

Another blog plug: At drinks tonight Mike reminded me about his blog, Articulatory Loop. Check it out.

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