Saturday, January 15, 2005

'Weirded Out!"

Ok, I'll make this quick. Today while rambling across the internet (no I wasn't looking for porn), well I ran across gay porn anyway. You know how those damn Google searches are. my surprise I stumbled across a picture of someone I know. I will leave out names, but it is a friend of mine who apparently has been doing a little porn on the side.
I won't pass any judgements. Actually his pictures were pretty impressive. It's just funny what a small world we live in. You KNOW you hang around too many gay people when you randomly see some guy on an internet porn site and say "Hey, I KNOW that guy!"
And now your quiz of the day:
You're "So and So". You love going out on
dates, classy outfits, and tanning beds (just
don't get burnt... or dead). Isn't it cold in
Cheerleader's shadow?

Which Member of Teen Girl Squad are you?
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