Monday, January 17, 2005

Living in Oblivion

Well kiddies, what has Adam been up to lately? Let's see. Friday night I hung out with Kurt, Bob, Maurice, Teresa, and "straight" Rick. Yeah somehow time flew that night I it was already the A.M before we realized it. Saturday morning I slept in and then headed to Dupont, with the intent of maybe walking over to Georgetown to do some shopping or whatever. Let me tell you the weather is so WEIRD. Earlier this week it was like spring, but Saturday was one of the coldest evenings in the city yet! Yet somehow it was a beautiful day.

I simply walked by Soho and saw some people I hadn't seen...funny how that happend whenever I walk by that place. It's like it finds a way to suck me in. Steve A.K.A. "Storyteller" was there with his new Italian boyfriend Michael and we walked around, had coffee. Then we had dinner at Cosi (I had the tandoori chicken) with two of Michael's friends from Maryland. They were downtown for DC's Leather Weekend.
And I was wondering why I saw all the leather people walking around! For those of you who don't know, every year DC hosts the Mid Atlantic Leather Weekend, which is pretty self explanatory. I actually got invited to go to some leather club, but I declined. Nothing to wear! Even though the Leather Rack is having some sales I hear. Better hurrry people!
I went to a few places and later I was back at Soho hanging out with David/"Gayvid" (faaabulous), Raven, Monte, and some other assorted characters. As with the night before it was like way in the A.M before I realized it. I was going to go to Cobalt, but they were practically closing by that point. Where does time go?
Sunday I hung out with Kurt and Bob and we went to play pool. Later we went for coffee, and Bob's boyfriend Ken was coming, but him and Bob were having some personal drama, so me and Kurt tried to stay out of it. The funny thing is later that night me and Kurt got bored so we went back to the same place, and Bob and Ken were STILL there how many hours later having their talk. So me and Kurt had some long philosophical conversation that lasted for hours by ourselves. Coffee and cigarettes. I tell you.
I've been feeling kinda low on energy this weekend, but it did feel good to go out Saturday night. Unfortunately PJ was very busy this weekend with work etc. Oh well =( But I also got news that my friend Bianca will be coming from Portland to visit me in May, so that's exciting! And that's my Weekend in Review! Stay tuned...

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