Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Soooo Good!

It's been a long crazy weekend, so let me think back over all that's happened. Hmm well I'll start with Saturday, but first this public service announcement:

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Ok so saturday I brought PJ with me and we went to dinner at this place of 17th street called Dupont Italian Kitchen (or DIK, snicker snicker) which I really love. The food was excellent, and afterwards we went to my friends Jayme and Jen's house for a party they were throwing.

There were a ton of people there, too many to try and name. Anyway the party was a lot of fun, I got fabulously drunk, PJ had a good time too. Some other things happened that night later on, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to write about that here...maybe later I will come back to it. If you were at the party you might already be able to guess. Oh dear..."Three's Company.".

The next day we slept in very late. I had a nasty headache, and it seemed Jayme and Jen were a little hung over as well. As usual, they have the most extensive collection of alcohol I've seen in anyone's house... it's a regular liquor store. And to see the aftermath of a party, all those hundreds of bottles...I offered to help them clean up, because I don't envy anyone who has to clean that house after that. Anyway me and PJ got food and drove back to Richmond, making it in time for PJ to make me to this comedy club there called The Richmond Funny Bone. We had dinner and I had a few Long Islands as we watched Bobby Slayton who was the stand-up comic that night.
Oh my god was he funny! He kept ripping on people in the audience expecially, people who deserved it. I liked the club as a whole, I'd like to go back. After the club, we went to Laura and Ian's apartment to pay them a late night surprise visit. Actually we ended up haning out all night, going for food at Friday's (served by a cute waiter) and watching Catwoman with Halle Berry. And somehow that night I also managed to pop my bad knee out again...this is like the 3rd time I've done that! It hurts like hell, but fortunately doesn't last long one you move it back into place and walk around. But still rather embarrasing.

(Teen Girl Squad comics on Homestarrunner.com)
The next day we slept in again, and as a result I had to kind of leave in haste so I could make it back here in time to get ready for work. Yeah that's been about it this weekend. Be back laer with more fun...

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