Monday, January 03, 2005

"Nothing Changes on New Years Day"

Welcome to 2005 and Happy New Year!
Well, it certainly has been an interesting week. After Christmas my bronchitis peaked at it's worse, and has now all but virtually healed. One of my New Years resolution, because of this lingering cough, was to quite smoking altogether. Naive, yes. But to my credit I've only smoked a few cigarettes so I'm not chain-smokign anymor. I've cut back considerably. I just think trying to quit altogether was a bad idea. These things take time.
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So what has happened over my New Years Eve?

Well Friday (Dec 31st) I drove down to meet PJ in Richmond. We had dinner and wound up driving all the way back into DC because all of my friends were out partying. It's New Years, so of course I wanted to have fun. You see, New Years hold even more special meaning for me since it's the anniversary of an auto accident on NYE 2000 that damn near killed me. So it's a Happy-New-Year-I'm-Still-Living celebration.

We got downtown and it took forever to find a place to park in Dupont Circle. So when we finally did, (thank-you Parking Gods) we met Kurt, Maurice, and Elizabeth at Omega, but went over to the much more happening Apex (or as some of us remember it by its old name Badlands) to ring in the New Year. The place was the most packed I've seen it, and I've seen that place packed. This was crazy though. Midnight came, and I think most of us wound up getting champagne and beer spilled on us, or molested by strangers dancing around us. Poor Kurt got soaked with someones beer and he wanted to split, so we went back to Omega. PJ and I were getting tipsy on Blue Motorcycles and stuff. Later on after much bad behavior (ha ha) Kurt and the others drove home and me and PJ went to Soho to sober up. Then we went upstairs to my friend Chris's apartment. He was nice enough to let us crash (thank-you Chris!). Henry and his boyfriend Franklin were there, as was Chris's sister Marcy. We smoked a bowl and hung out for awhile, and I think around 4am we crashed.
The next morning we woke up and had to get ready really fast because Chris's boyfriend Ben was coming over with two friends of his from Jersey and we all went out to brunch. We went to Luna Grill (the one on Connecticut, not the Cafe Luna on P &17th that I always confuse it with). I'm telling you, it was a beautiful day. It felt like Spring outside, like the first day of April rather than January. Such freaky weather changes we have around here! Global Warming?
Anyway after a satisfying first meal of 2005, we bid farewell to Chris and the others and took a stroll through Dupont Circle, visiting Kramerbooks and cafe, record shops, and Lambda Rising. Then we dallied a bit at Soho again before it was time to take PJ back to Richmond. The drive went well, namely because of PJ's killer selection of dance and techno music to listen to. I wish I couldv'e stayed once I dropped him off, but my folks were also expecting me for dinner to, so I drove all the way back here and made it just as they were finished. But the food was still ok, and after such a long past few days I didn't go out, but rather wound up passing out while reading Storm Constantine's latest novel The Shades of Time and Memory.
Yesterday I was supposed to go back to Richmond for a party I was invited to, but I honestly felt tired yesterday and not up to the drive. But I will see PJ again this weekend. The only other thing I did yesterday was go to coffee with Kurt, Bob, Maurice, Rick, and Elizabeth, and we went shoe-shopping at DSW. I almost bought a pair of Diesel shoes I liked, but I hestated because I wasn't too sure of the colors. Well yeah, that's been my first few days of the new year. Today too, it is strangely warm and spring-like. I'm sitting outside wearing a t-shirt in the sun. Maybe I'm superstitious, but I believe the way you enter a New Year is a portent for how the rest of the year will be. NYE 2004 sucked ass. So I think that since I had such a good NYE 2005, that this year will be better than the last!
PS- Check out PJ's new blog!

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miss_bitchy said...

Hey there Adam - glad to hear you had a good new years -here's to 2005!! - you missed a good party but you are welcome to come by anytime and stay with Ian and I - I have a blog here as well so if you are curious on what's going on here just look me up - be good, or at least be good at being bad *wink*
Love Ya