Tuesday, November 23, 2004

To Richmond and Back, and Everything In-Between

Ok, I tried creating this post earlier, but my Internet Explorer for some odd reason just quit on me! So I am trying to remember everything I wrote to start again. I hate it when this shit happens!
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Hmm indeed. So what has been happening with me this week since I last posted? (god I am still frustrated about not saving all the shit I just wrote!) Well the work week went rather uneventfully. Now remember in my last entry when I said I would be going to Richmond to visit that guy I met on Friendster this weekend? (By the way, if you haven’t joined Friendster yet you should, it’s fun)
Well, I did visit him, but as usual for me there was plenty of drama along the way. Read on…
Well I started to leave in my brother’s car. I was driving down I-95 when the car started acting funny. I managed to pull off on an exit when the car completely died! So there I was in the middle of what felt like nowhere on some dark country road on a rainy night. Sort of like the beginning of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Anyway, there were no Transylvanian Transvestites to be found, as this nowhereland was called Ashland, Virginia. Incedentally, if you look on their webpage, their town motto is “center of the universe.” Let me assure you that based on what I saw of Ashland, it is far from the center of ANYTHING.
Well I wound up having to call AAA and have them try to fix or tow the car. Fortunately, they allowed me to be towed anywhere within 100 miles! Sweet. So I was able to have it towed all the way back to near where my family lives, at a repair shop down the street. I’m sure my bro and folks weren’t exactly thrilled about the cost of repairs. It turned out to be an alternator problem, plus while driving it on a bad alternator, we’d managed to drain the battery and ruin the fan belts. Not cheap. But it wasn’t exactly my fault. I do seem to have a not-so-magic touch with cars though. Don’t ever lend me yours. Something will probably go wrong, I promise. Anyway, I left the car at the repair shop. My friend Kurt who lives around my parents came and picked me up, as I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet. He told me he’d just broken up with his boy Travis. So we went to the Silver Diner and stuffed our faces, chain-smoked, and commiserated on our lives.

The next day the repairs were finished, so I made my attempt at this voyage again. Adam Does Richmond, Volume II. But before I begin that let me take a breather and leave you with this eye-candy intermission.

Chris Carrabba Dashboard Confessional
Chris Carrabba, lead singer of the emo-rock band Dashboard Confessional. Ok, so typically I hate emo, and especially emo indie-rock boys. Not because they are necessarily ugly (some look quite nice when they take a shower, shave, and put on real clothes that didn’t come from a thrift store) but rather because well, emo is mopey and it sucks. Chris, however, is a sweet exception. Tall, dark, handsome, and lots of tattoos. Don’t worry sad little emo boy, you can cry on my shoulder anyday!

Ok so about Richmond. (by the way, has anyone else noticed how Richmond seems to be filled with emo and punk boys?) I made it ok and in one piece and finally got to meet PJ face-to-face. He was as cute and handsome as I expected he would be, if not more, and was very sweet to me. We went to a party at his friend Laura’s house, and we had a fun time hanging out with eachother. I wish I’d had longer, but we had fun while it lasted. The next afternoon I had to drive back, it sucks working but oh well. I was tired as shit, from little sleep and driving, but I made to work, taught my night class. Oh, and then my friend Tom calls to tell me he and his girlfriend, also a friend of mine, Colleen had broken up. (an earlier this week my good friend Raven and her boyfriend Kevin/”Ollie” broke up!) At this point it was really strange. Kurt and Travis, Raven and Ollie, and now Tom and Colleen. For those of you who don’t know them, they were like the indestructible super-couple of DC. I mean, they have been together for so long we thought they’d be getting married or some shit. Of course, it figures when I, Adam, find a boy, everyone else’s love life goes to shit. Well, there was drama at Soho because of all this. But some good points of news; Raven and Ollie are back together. I am possibly going to Richmond again this weekend to see PJ again. And other than that I think that’s about it!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Larry the Turkey

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