Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind...and pet names/proof of literacy

Ok, so its Tuesday afternoon, and I shouldnt be complaining but being in a certain routine where you go to work at the same time every day, get up at the same time every day, etc really gets kind of depressing after awhile. I mean, I'm not bitching too much because it all means getting paid...yet I can't help but to long for those blissful (yet broke) days of unemployment. I no longer have to look cute to get daddies to buy me a drink...I can buy my own! What a concept.

rosy perfection
You are Rosy Perfection Salad!! Though your name
may be innocent and cheerful, your jello-sweet
exterior hides a foul, sinister core.

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

I thought this quiz was funny as hell. Interestingly, though, I decided to change my answers a bit (read: be more honest with myself) and my results were a bit different the second time around:

You are Frankfurter Spectacular!! Wrapping hot
dogs around a pineapple doesn't make it
Spectacular any more than sticking feathers up
your butt will make you a chicken. Quit trying
to be something you're not and just RELAX

What Weight Watchers recipe card from 1974 are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

God, after seeing these so-called "recipes" I think I'm first going to vomit, then be glad that I wasn't on Weight Watchers back in 1974!! Not that I was even alive in 1974, but anyway...
Today I want to talk about terrible pet-names you may have with your lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends/blowup dolls whatever. For example, in my last relationship I was christened Adam "the chicken." Needless to say, there was kind of an age difference between us, so when his older queen friends saw me, I must have looked like a chicken to them. After awhile, rather than being an insult, it became sort of an inside joke, and I didn't really mind it so much. Until after we broke up and when he's coming down the street he still addressed me (at the top of his lungs, mind you) "CHIIIICKEN! There's my chicken!"
Ugh. Anyway, can anyone else relate? And no, I'm not giving anyone who email me the recipe for "Rosy Perfection Salad!"

And now, a list of the books that I've read since January 1st of 2004. I average about 30 books in a good year... this year I've been a but behind on my reading due to school/work/stress. I one read a frightening statistic that the average American only reads two books a year (thank-you, Oprah, you cunt). At least it's two and not zero (George W. Bush). Picture books do not count. Anyway maybe it seems like I read a lot, but I am extremely anti-television. There is very little between "Sex in the City" and the so-called "Real World" that I actually give a shit about in our comericialized pop culture. It bores me, frankly, and I find more comfort in a well-written book than in the nightly cathode-ray shitfest called prime time. That having been said, not all of the books below are winners, but I believe in finishing a novel unless it's REALLY bad. I'm putting an "*" next to the ones I reccomend. So, here goes...

*"Ulysses" by James Joyce ( bit confusing, but bear with it...all 800 pages)

*"Motion of Light in Water" by Samuel R. Delany (an autobiography of a very fascinating sci-fi writer. One of the first Black and gay sci-fi writeres...and one of the best if you ask me)

"Ashes of Stars" by Samuel R. Delany and
"Aye, and Gomorrah...and Other Stories" and
*"Dhalgren" by Samuel R. Delany (Yes, I was on a bit of a Delany kick, but he's an amazing writer. If you enjoy GOOD speculative fiction, read his apacalypic meta-fictional "Dhalgren." One of my favorite all time novels. This was a re-read for me.)

*"A Very Easy Death" by Simone DeBeauvoir (light existentialist reading...not)

*"Giovanni's Room" by James Bladwin

"On Wiriting" by Stephen King

*"Memoirs of a Survivor" by Dorris Lessing (a very odd apocalyptic novel. Am I noticing a pattern here...apocolyptic?)

"Toward the End of Time" by John Updike

*"Again, Dangerous Visions" by Harlan Elison (ed) (one of the best speculative fiction anthologies...take my advice and read ALL of the "Dangerous Visions" series...you'll never read shitty sci-fi again!)

"Altar if the Dead" by Henry James (James is supposed to be of America's best writers...I didn't see it myself)

*"The Magus" by John Fowles (If you like the occult...and you like Greece or travelougues, read this stunning novel. Reccomended to me by Madame Dena of Dupont, and she was right, this one was amazing)

*"Das Kapital" by Karl Marx (Depending on your political leanings you will either embrace it or hate it. But read it.)

"The Bridge of San Luis Rey" by Thornton Wilder. (Not personally impressed, but he writes well)

"Second Child" by John Saul (given to me by a friend. Not my favorite, lets just put it that way)

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