Thursday, August 19, 2004

Dupont Memoirs

Oh the drama of the last two years! I'm not really sure where to begin, but the idea occured to me that I should write a memoir of all the stupid/crazy shit that has happened since coming to and living in Dupont Circle. Those of you who know me will know some of the references below. The rest of you will just have to wait until I can get my memoirs published!

Some gems from the last two years:

"Adam, I had to hold my cheeks together all the way down P st, and when I finally got back to the Westpark, **** was there and I said, '****, I CAN NOT TALK TO YOU RIGHT NOW!'"

"Oh come on Adam, why do you have to be such a prude! What's wrong with P St. Beach?"

"Oh that is Faaaaaaaabulous!"

"So boy, are you a top or a bottom....A top? You don't look like a top. You look like a bottom!"

"Is that yo' boyfriend? IS THAT YO' BOYFRIEND???"

"I'm going to get myself a Diet Coke...and when I come back I am going to rip you both new assholes. If you had been my child I would have thrown you in the Aegean Sea!"

More to come in the future as my drug-ravaged mind can't remember much these days.

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