Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Another Local Moron

Anyone who lives in the Washington area has been reading, I'm sure, about the case of a man who was struck and then dragged 8 1/2 miles down Interstate 95 to a man's home. The man driving the vehicle, a Brazilian native named Josuel P. Galdino, claims that after coming home from "a certain nightclub in southeast Washington" (Gee, any guess which one...could it be Nation?) he struck the man, but was not aware of it. Furthermore, he was unaware of dragging a man 8 1/2 miles back to his driveway. Even if he was totally intoxicated, I find I hard to buy this story. Read a full version of the story in the Washington Post.
And in a totally unrelated story NASA rovers on Mars today have found evidence that Mars once had water. This should be interesting, so why doesn't it sound ineteresting?

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