Tuesday, March 16, 2004


Sorry for the pause in my usual weekly entires, but it's been Spring Break for us students. More on that. But first, I must cover this recent scandal that broke out at UCLA over the use (and misuse) of bodies for medical research.
If you thought body-snatchers were a thing of the past, think again! Apparently there are people out there who are actually dealers in body parts. Who knew the demand was that high? The story in short is that UCLA was recieveing what it thought was donated corpses (so they claim) from a man, Ernest Nelson, who was in fact a dealer in illegally obtained specimens. Read the latest on this ghoulish story!
A note on spring break...watch out when mixing high-energy caffiene-laden drinks (such as Red Bull) with alcohol (such as vodka). Apparently this dangerous new trend can lead to passing out because of the mix of stimulants and alcohol in the bloodstream. And if that's the most one has to worry about during spring break, than things can't be that bad. Not as bad as, say, Girls Gone Wild.

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