Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Tertiary Post

John Kerry spoke at GMU yesterday! Actually, John Edwards was on campus as well, both speaking at Dewberry Hall in the Johnson Center. Read about it at George Mason's student newspaper, The Broadside.
I'm a Howard Dean man myself. Seeing how he is loosing quickly, though, I figure Kerry is the next best thing, though far from my first choice. As one professor said, Kerry is "an animated stiff!" Flashbacks to Al Gore, anybody?
Also this week was the Westminster Dog Show. And?
I have a dog myself, a beautiful Boxer puppy. But people who are overly-obsessed about their pets genuinely scare me, and these dog shows show just how far some lonely (and I imagine sex-lifeless) people will go, living vicariously through their dogs. I love my dog, but she does not run my life! I could tell some funny stories about a certain ex who worshipped their dog, and some of the craziness that ensued when the dog got more preferential treatment than I did. But I figure that person may be reading, as will my classmates and my professor! E-mail me if you want the dirt. (

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