Friday, February 06, 2004

My Second Post...

"And on the second day God said..." Actually, I dont know what he said. But the point is, this is my second post. And now to see what's going on in the world of news...
I figure what better way to begin my glance at news headlines than the issue of Janet Jackson...and her breast!
Now, given the amount of sexuality in the media, I guess the only thing that really shocks me is the amount of hype over the whole Super-Bowl breast-baring incident! Seriously people, if you haven't seen a breast by now than maybe it's a good thing you did! In the meantime, Jackson has apologized to the people of this country for what was, she originally claimed, an "wardrobe malfunction." (riiiiiight...) She has been taken off the Grammy Awards. You can see a full story in an article on
Poor Janet. Actually I should the poor Jacksons, what with her brother Michael Jackson and his current legal drama! Honestly I don't have an opinion about whether he is guilty (this time) or not. In fact, I don't really even care. My prediction is it will be a repeat of the last time in which the boy in question gets a ton of money to forget about what may or may not have happened. And if you need further proof the Jackson clan is totally f#(&@% up, look no further than the career of sister LaToya Jackson (who just recently broke her toe by the way. Why does this stuff get reported in the first place? I guess someone out there cares.

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