Friday, January 01, 2010

Año Nuevo, Vida Nueva

I had a wonderful New Years Eve (and New Year's Eve Eve), ringing in the new year with friends and Chef Tom.

Wednesday I had lunch with M at Alero, then we spent the day window shopping, and went to a dinner party at Erica's. Thursday I spent the day mostly sleeping in (since I've had the week off) cleaning up a bit (I still haven't gotten rid of my xmas tree yet).

Then, I met Chef in Cleveland Park for NYE dinner at a places I hadn't been to before called Sabores, which has a wonderful South American menu. We then had champagne and our giant fortune cookie (see below) - which promises good things, by the way - and we went to Town to dance and count down to the new year.

Today, after getting together rather late, we met M and S in Chinatown for lunch/dinner at this place (see below) where they make their own noodles. I thought it was rather good, and Chinese on the first is a bit of a New Years Day tradition.

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