Friday, October 02, 2009

Season of New Things

It finally feels like autumn outside - the fall is my favorite time of year! It is "the Season of the Witch." ;) I always associate fall with new beginnings. Almost every serious relationship I've had, including my current one with Sean, has begun in the fall (so much for Spring being the season of romance). I think I always associate this time of year with new beginnings because it's when school starts. I've also always loved Halloween.

By the way, what should I be this year? What is everyone doing for Halloween?

Anyway, I guess my point is I really hope this season brings new (and by new, I mean good) things for all of my friends and myself! I was discussing with my friend M over dinner at Cava last Friday (and there's another story with her and the inept DC government, poor thing, but we'll save that for another time) . I was mentioning how 2009 has been a pretty rough ass year for all of us. I know you have to take the bad with the good, but really, I am hoping that good things are on the horizon for all of us.

Best Witches Wishes!

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