Friday, July 17, 2009

Relaxation and Detoxification

I've had such a great week of resting after leaving my last job. The week is flying by too fast though - I start my new job this coming Monday. I'm happy to be starting the new position, but I have to admit I wish I had longer vacation!

This week I went to Rehoboth Beach with Sean. So funny story I have to confess... I was searching for a good hotel on my last day at PFLAG, and colleagues kept coming into my office to say their goodbyes and such. I guess it distracted me, because I made the reservations not really paying attention. As many know, beach resorts fill up very fast in the summer, so it's always a pain to find vacancies.

So, fast-forward to the morning we were going to the beach, Sean calls me to tell me he was driving over to pick me and was 10 minutes away. Only then did I bother to look at the print-out of the reservations and realize... I had booked the wrong dates. So there I was in panic-mode, calling the hotel to see if they had vacancies for that day (I could almost hear them snickering as they said no). I was desperately Googling "Rehoboth hotels" in hopes I could find something, anything, with Sean none the wiser.

To my credit, I found one place that still had vacancies. Booked it, and had the whole matter settled by the time Sean pulled up.

Aside from the water being cold (it was no Mexico, let's put it that way) we had a really great time, and it was nice being away from here (even if half the DC "power gays" were there anyway). My only regret was coming home. I wish summer vacations could last forever.

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Brian said...

Hey Adam

Sounds like you had a splenid time with Sean! Rehoboth sounds like so much fun and I heard it's very nice. I'll get there with my boytoy someday, LOL.

Your #1 reader,