Monday, February 09, 2009

The Three Witches Take Manhattan

I had such a great 4-day weekend. Well, Thursday was stressful setting up for an event, but everything from dinner onwards, from the Waldorf Astoria to the bar was fun (see photos below).

Sean and I took the train back on Friday (as I've mentioned in previous posts, I will never take a Chinatown deathmobile unless I am piss poor and fleeing a nuclear bomb). I think I might take Amtrak up to Toronto and Montreal next time I go up there, train rides are so much more pleasant than driving. And it was nice having Margo with us on the ride up.

Sunday Sean took me to a beautiful little place by where he used to live (when he lived in Maryland), Brookside Gardens. It was a beautiful warm day, in contrast to the 17 degrees when we were in Manhattan, and the gardens had a nice greenhouse, as nice as the Botanical Gardens in DC. A little gem I never would've known about if it hadn't been for Sean! I reccomend going if you're in the Silver Spring area.

Photos courtesy of Margo - thanks!!

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